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COVID-19 Information

Below is information regarding additional questions you may have during the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. Use ctrl+f (for PC) or command+f (for Mac) to search keywords.

Grading Policy

It is the policy of Texas State Technical College (TSTC) that the College measures student achievement of skills, knowledge, and competencies and to report student performance for each course attempted or credited by a standard system of grading.

Texas State Technical College is implementing the following grading policy for the Spring 2020 Semester to support students as they move to alternative instructional  delivery methods and address the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The options presented are in accordance with TSTC’s Statewide Operating Standard ES 4.06 and allows a student to choose either a letter grade, IP, or Pass/Fail grading scheme. As students consider the available grading options, they are strongly advised to consult with their TSTC instructors and their high school counselors to understand the implications to their future educational plans.  *Please note: For DE students who are enrolled in ONLINE pathways, all grading and course delivery remains the same. Instructors will continue to communicate with their students and evaluate performance as normal. 

spring options chart


In Progress (IP)

The grade of “IP” represents an “in Progress” status for a student who has not had sufficient time to complete the course due to the registration date, extended illness, or other circumstances beyond the student’s control. The “IP” is nonpunitive and is not calculated in Grade Point Averages (GPA); however, IP’s may affect a student’s financial aid standards of progress. 

When an IP grade is assigned, a student must complete the coursework by a date specified by the course instructor. Such date shall not to exceed one year from the end of the term in which the IP grade was issued. Upon completion, the instructor must submit a grade change form to the Registrar’s Office. If coursework is not satisfactorily completed, the IP grade must be changed to an F grade. 

Please Note: An IP is only an option under "extenuating circumstances" as determined by the instructor. Students who have limited access to the internet during school closure, may work with their instructor to request an IP.

Grading Timeline

Instructors will enter final letter grades once completion of course outcomes are determined. Students will then review final course grades, and request a change to P/F grading scheme if they choose not to take the letter grade. Once the required form is completed with the Office of the Registrar, letter grades will automatically be converted into a P/F grade.

Drop/Withdrawal Date Extension

The drop date currently has been extended until May 1 for face-to-face classes taught at the TSTC campus or at the high school. However, the drop date for students in online classes was April 3rd. Withdrawals for the Spring 2020 Semester will NOT count against the state limit on drops if the student identifies COVID-19 challenges as the reason.

Frequently Asked Questions


Academic Questions

I am taking an online class, what does my spring schedule look like?

Your spring semester will continue as originally planned and the courses will end by May 1st, 2020.

With TSTC working remotely, will the semester be pushed back or end at the same time? 

At this time, TSTC is reviewing each program to minimize the disruption of the coursework for students as we near the end of the semester. The Spring semester will not extend beyond May 29th. We anticipate that the Spring semester will be extended into our normal summer session. As more details are available, they will be sent to the students in their respective programs.

Will the drop date be extended? 

The drop date currently has been extended until May 1 for face-to-face classes taught at the TSTC campus or at the high school. However, the drop date for students in online classes was April 3rd. We want to make sure that dropping a class is the best decision for you. Your DE Representative will contact you before dropping or withdrawing. If the decision is made to drop the course, the DE Representative will email you via AdobeSign to complete the drop form. Your signature is required for the drop to be processed. After review, Admissions and Records will complete the process.

Will registration for fall still continue as scheduled for current students?

Registration for Fall is underway. 

I will be a new DE student this fall. How will I register for my class?

What if I am a dual enrollment senior in high school and want to matriculate to TSTC in the Fall semester?

What is the TSTC Grade Policy for the Spring 2020 semester?

Detailed Grading Policy information with an explanatory chart and glossary can be found  by visiting our website at and clicking on the “ A Message Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)” banner. 

Since the Computer Labs are closed, I do not have access to a computer to complete my online work. What can I do?

Students will need to contact the high school to inquire about the process put into place by the ISD to provide laptops that can be used at home during this time.


Why is TSTC College moving instruction to remote learning?

To reduce the risk of the spread of COVID-19.

Are TSTC college faculty prepared to offer instruction in an online environment?

Faculty have been trained and provided tools and resources to assist them in the transition of their courses to online delivery.

How will I know if my class will be offered 100% online?

Login to Moodle to view your online courses to view Announcements and Course Messages.

You should also check your TSTC mymail student email for messages from your instructor daily.

Will my lab class meet in person?

Technical lab courses that require hands-on learning using equipment and facilities will be paused until it is safe to resume lab instruction on campus.

Where do I find contact information for my instructors?

Through WebAdvisor or on Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Syllabi. Use the alphabetical list to find your course offering number and click the syllabus PDF.

WebAdvisor and Other Logins

How do I find the WebAdvisor login?

Go to At the top of the page click TSTC students and employees: Click here for TSTC Portal. Sign in with your TSTC OneID account. 

Click the Moodle icon to log into your course.


Computer Connectivity

Whom can I call for technology assistance with my online class or Moodle?

TSTC Help Desk: 800-592-8784. 

Can I borrow a laptop computer from the college?

At this time, laptops are not available for checkout.

What if I don’t have internet access at home? Are there any options available for me?
Check for detailed information online. Following are some providers and their current policies.


Will the library be open to students?

No. You can contact the library staff by going to


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