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TSTC partners with over 85 ISD’s across Texas to provide premium technical dual enrollment opportunities. Our partnerships with school districts help to fill the workforce needs of Texas. We are committed to our district partnerships, that together we might provide students with strong options for their future.

Technical Dual Enrollment Facts

Only students from school districts with whom TSTC has an agreement are eligible to participate, and courses taken by high school students must be approved by the school district.

Courses can be taken:


Overall advantages:

Additional things to know:

To find out what dual enrollment pathways are available in your area, check the 2021-2022 Dual Enrollment Pathways

Performance-Based Education

TSTC is excited to offer Performance-Based Education (PBE)! PBE is the name of TSTC’s course-based Competency-Based Education (CBE) initiative. This modality will help students to focus on mastery of specified industry skills or competencies. It is often self-directed and is either conducted fully online or in a blended learning environment that flips traditional lecture to online and places the emphasis on hands-on learning in a technical lab environment

To find out more about PBE and how it will affect your DE students, please look at this PBE Informational Sheet  

Program of Study Crosswalks


The crosswalks listed here are designed to assist our partnering ISD’s identify high school course equivalency for each course completed in our dual enrollment pathways.

Texas State Technical College has designed their crosswalks to align with a specific Program of Study. It is ultimately the high school’s responsibility to determine that each college course meets the high school, private, charter or home school’s TEKS/learning outcomes and to determine if any additional outcomes need to be supplemented by the school/ district.

The suggested crosswalks are not mandated to be used as it is the school district’s responsibility/ authority to choose how to award high school credit in a dual enrollment program.

Grant Applications


Please see our Resources tab for more helpful materials.

Memorandum of Understanding 

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