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You’ve got a lot invested in your child. You want only the best for them, and you certainly want a good return on your investment when it comes to their education. TSTC technical dual enrollment offers your student the opportunity to take college courses for a fraction of the cost and still earn college credit. Students can bridge the gap from their senior year in high school to their freshman year in college and often secure a great-paying job right out of college.

"Consider the investment you’re making in your child and evaluate your return on investment, or ROI. Determine the total cost to complete the degree, assess the typical salaries earned by the degree, and the resulting ratio of earning-to-cost is the ROI. Use this ROI to compare different college program options."  - TSTC Chancellor and CEO, Mike Reeser

TSTC is an accredited state agency offering associate of applied science degrees and certificates of completion in more than 70 high-demand, high-tech fields of study.


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Meet Caleb Grisham, a former TSTC technical dual enrollment student. See how his experience helped him start his own company, Precision Wraps. 


Read his story >>





A great investment


Cost comparison between a four- and two-year college degree


A good-paying job with a two-year college degree


pie chart showing that 50 percent of jobs are in middle skills (or technical) areas from 2014 to 2024

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